Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Notice to Membership: Annual General Meeting, June 26, 2012 @truck 7:00PM.

Second Story Art Society O/A TRUCK Contemporary Art in Calgary
Notice to Membership: Annual General Meeting
June 26, 2012, 7:00 PM @ TRUCK Gallery

TRUCK Contemporary Art in Calgary would like to invite our members and community partners to our Annual General Meeting on June 26, 2012. We will report to our members on the activities of the past year and our objectives for the coming year. Additionally, pursuant to section 15 of the Societies act, a special resolution of the members of the Society will be made to approve the alteration of the by-laws of the society with the by-laws attached hereto to the By-Laws. Attached to this call as Schedule A. We will also be taking nominations from our members for the election of Board Directors. In order to vote, or nominate members at the AGM you will need to hold a current TRUCK Membership prior to the AGM.
11.     Welcome to members and Introduction of Staff and Board
22.     Approval of the agenda
33.     Approval of the minutes of the last Annual General Meeting
44.     Reports
a.     Executive Director’s report
b.     President’s report
55.     Financial Review of the financial statements setting out TRUCK's income, disbursements, assets and liabilities and the auditor’s report
66.     Approval and appointing of the auditors
77.     New Business
a.     Special Resolution, approval of the alteration of the Society By-Laws
88.     Nomination and election of the Board Directors
99.     Election of the Board Directors
110.  Motion to adjourn.

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