Wednesday, June 19, 2013

AGM and Call for Board Directors

Notice of AGM July 4, 2013

Second Story Art Society O/A TRUCK Contemporary Art in Calgary
Notice to Membership: Annual General Meeting

July 4, 2013, 7:00 PM @ TRUCK Gallery

TRUCK Contemporary Art in Calgary would like to invite our members and community partners to our Annual General Meeting on July 4, 2013. We will report to our members on the activities of the past year, our objectives for the coming year, and our new space. We will also be taking nominations from our members for the election of Board Directors. In order to vote, or nominate members at the AGM you will need to hold a current TRUCK Membership prior to the AGM.


1.    Welcome to members and Introduction of Staff and Board

2.    Approval of Special Rules of Order

3.    Approval of the Agenda

4.    Approval of the minutes of the last Annual General Meeting

5.     Reports
a.     Executive Director’s report

6.    Financial Review of the financial statements setting out TRUCK's income, disbursements, assets and liabilities and   the auditor’s report

7.    Approval and appointing of the auditors

8.    New Business

9.    Nomination and election of the Board Directors

10.  Election of the Board Directors

11.  Motion to adjourn.

Call for Board Directors

Call for nominations to the Second Story Art Society O/A TRUCK Contemporary Art in Calgary

Board of Directors

Commencing June 12, 2013

TRUCK Contemporary Art in Calgary Nominations Committee is seeking nominations to the Board of Directors from our members.  We are seeking qualified candidates to play a role in the stewardship of our organization at a key time in the development of our society as we transition to our new gallery space. Qualified candidates will have the skill sets, experience, and resources necessary to assist us in the sustainable, transparent, and efficient governance of one of the leading artist-run centres in Calgary.  TRUCK Board of Directors meets on a monthly basis. The terms for our Board members are two years in length with the option to renew for an additional term. Our Board of Directors consists of a majority (>50%) of artists and represents the interests of the Calgary visual arts community.
Interested candidates should contact the Nominations Committee by submitting a letter of intent along with a CV/ 
Resume through our general email: 

We look forward to hearing from you!